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Cenbluedra PS (Centadel x Chacco Blue)

Info sheet



Active up to 1m50 level, Centadel’s millionaire bloodline impressively combines Olympic gold medal winner Cento’s genes with those of Landadel, a horse whose competition winnings run into seven digits. Out of a limited selection of offspring, Centadel already produced several 1m60 showjumper such as Chico Hippica, Centimo 7, Cenbalou and Centisimo, just to name a few.

Dam Chaccisa is a daughter of the famous Chacco-Blue, which makes Cenbluedra PS even more interesting for breeding. In addition, Chaccisa already produced the 7-year-old Stakkatisa PS, in combination with Stakkatol, that jumps at 1m40 level under the saddle of Rebecca Conway. Dam Chaccisa is also the full sister of Caruso 568, who jumps at 1m60 level with Rossen Raitchev, and a half-sister of Coulisa, who could be seen at 1m60 level under the saddle of Denis Lynch.

But the success of this dam line does not stop there! Cenbluedra PS is also closely related to EFS Top Contender, the AES approved stallion that can be seen at the highest level with both Roberto Previtali and Athina Onassis, and to Glamour For Ever, who jumped 1m60 under the saddle of Irmantas Grikienis. Also Dante (CSI 1m60 - Luis Alejandro Plascencia Onate), Wintu (CSI 1m60 - Ben Maher), Zanzibar (CSI 1m60 - Bartosz Goszczynski), LB Carwyn (CSI 1m60 - Daniel Zetterman), Chamcara (CSI 1m60 - Sarah Hubbard), Sinfonie 168 (CSI 1m60 - Vladimir Tuganov), Chanyon (CSI 1m60 - Takashi Haase Shibayama), Can Win (CSI 1m55 - Frederick Troschke), Townhead Campus (CSI 1m55 - Jamie Gornall) and Chaccophanie (CSI 1m45 - Jana Wargers) are closely related to Cenbluedra PS.

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