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You may remember Singular LS under the saddle of Marcus Ehning. Together they jumped to multiple victories at five star level and were also placed third in the Bordeaux World Cup. But even now, at the age of 15, Singular LS is still active at the highest level under Linnea Ericsson-Carey. His oldest offspring are now jumping in the young horse classes at international level and show that he is an absolute added value for breeding. Just look at this Sweet Chardonney PS…

Admittedly, this Sweet Chardonney PS undoubtedly also inherited her jumping qualities from her mother's side! Dam Chardonney Z is a daughter of the widely acclaimed Chacco-Blue, but what is even more special: Chardonney Z jumped at 1m60 level herself under the saddle of the Argentinian Franco Trabucca. In addition, Chardonney Z is also a half sister of Corsica, who in turn competes at 1m50 level with Karoline Gleditsch. Chardonney's half-sister Gwendolina also produced the 1m60 jumping Larthago (Maria Florencia Blanco) in combination with Larino.

Granddam Gwencona can also present the necessary letters of nobility. She is a half sister of Lausana, who competed at 1m60 level with Luis Jesus Escobar and, in combination with Narew XX, also produced the 1m50 jumping Navaro 25 (Tatsuya Kusanagi). She is also a half sister of Balsandra, who jumped at 1m60 level with Maria Madenova. As if that wasn't special enough, Balsandra, in combination with Calvaro Z, also gave Calouso 2, who can be seen at 1m60 level under Eiken Sato. Chili Palmer, who jumps at 1m60 level under the saddle of Jürgen Mayer, is also a half-brother of granddam Gwencona.

Not convinced yet? This dam line goes a lot further… What do you think of the 1m60 jumping Championes (Sameh El Dahan), Cornetboy (Ignacio Montesinos), Latendo (Manuel Fernandez Saro), Balance 26 (Cindy van der Straten), Lancelot (Gyula Szuhai) and Idame du Mury Marais (Patrick McEntee)? In short, with Sweet Chardonney PS you are assured of absolute top sport!

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