• 2015
  • Mare
  • Thunder van de Zuuthoeve x Darco
  • Large


 Sire Thunder van de Zuuthoeve excelled with his scope. Whether in the Sires of the World, the Belgian Championship, or the Masters, Thunder managed to amaze and convince every time! But the most remarkable performances may well come from his descendants.. HH Azur (Ward McClain), Domino (Jos Verlooy), Excenel V (Jamal Rahimov), Israel v/d Dennehoeve (Bart Bles), J'Adore van het Klinkhof (Rodrigo Lambre),… These are just a few of Thunder's offspring who confirm at the highest level week after week.

If father Thunder is already impressive, then you have not yet seen the damline of Patience ... She is the half-sister of the top horses Karmelita van den Dries (CSI 1m60 with Jeroen De Winter), Hope van 't Zorgvliet (CSI 1m60 with Simone Bossi), Rahmannshof's Beluga (CSI 1m60 with Felix Schneider), Equita van 't Zorgvliet (CSI 1m60 - Daniel Deusser) and of the 1m45 show jumpers Don Chiqui (Mark Bluman) and Galouba van' t Zorgvliet (Luiz Felipe Neto de Azevedo). Can it get any better ???
Also Joy van 't Zorgvliet (CSI 1m50 - Janne Friederike Meyer), Newton van' t Zorgvliet (CSI 1m45 - Jan Vermeiren), Lancetti v Zorgvliet (CSI 1m45 - Chloe Winchester), Ekita van 't Zorgvliet (CSI 1m45 - Laurent Mahieu ) and Elbero H (CSI 1m60 - Adrianna Ostrowska) are  by the way closely related to Patience!

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